From 320 kilograms, the girl lost weight to 80. Now she is a real beauty!

From 320 kilograms, the girl lost weight to 80. Now she is a real beauty!

In the family of Christina Phillips there were invariable quarrels between parents. The baby doll was extremely disturbed about this and the by oneself comfort for her was food.  Gradually, pressure feeding turned into a convention and undisciplined eating, as a consequence – extra pounds and obesity.

Extravagant weight conspicuously interfered with life, on the other hand the female did not try to aggressiveness the difficulty in any way. She stopped-up leaving the accommodation and was extremely shy to come out in public. And terminated time, the accumulated kilograms led to the reality that Kristina could not completely walk and even serve herself in dayly terms.

As a result, the docs told the female that her life was underneath threat, thanks to she was just 22 yrs old and if she did not do anything, the entirety could end extremely badly. in consequence Phillips eventually made the determination to radically modification her life. She applied to a universal TV show where a nutritionist and a fitness coachassist a human race lose weight.

1st Kristina had her excess overweight removed by surgery.Then she went through a far-reaching rehabilitation with training. She was furthermore taught to eat healthy. And, with 320 kilograms, the female managed to lose weight to 80!

At the moment she is no longer scared to look in the mirror, go outside, go to the stores etc

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