From huge woman to beauty: the story of Christina Phillips, who lost 240 pounds

Christina Philips is an English female who had extravagant weight and indefinite wellness problems. The female was elevated in a family where everybody was shouting at 1 another.

Christina before long became interested with consumption and she felt voracious extremely often. At the generation of 12, Christina weighed 1 hundred and thirty kilograms. The female was mocked by her classmates. At 21, the female weighed as all the more as 300 pounds. Though she got married nothing denatured in her life.

And she even began to plump her husband and as she felt the annihilative impression of her 1 her husbby and her wellness she develope into the celebrated show “I weighed 300 pounds.

The program resolved the horrifying trouble of the female and she before long irretrievable 238 pounds.However afterwards losing wight her husbby began performing extremely cruelly.

He strained her to eat junck meal and ate in front of her those tasty meal that were forbidden as to her diet.

So they completed their break up papers as their relationship was toxic. Christina Soon considered her real hero and even had a baby.

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